General Dentistry: Reasons To Consider Dental Veneers

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General dentistry treatments are designed to improve oral health, and veneers are just one solution associated with common dental concerns. Irregular teeth, discoloration, and broken or chipped teeth can impact a person’s self-esteem, but these issues could also lead to problems with chewing or speaking, gum disease, and more. Veneers are a treatment option that not only help with damaged or unsightly teeth but can also restore confidence in one’s smile.

5 reasons to choose veneers

As a general dentistry solution, veneers can be used for non-cosmetic and cosmetic reasons. Here are some of the leading reasons to choose veneers as a restorative dental treatment.

1. Strength and durability

When a long-term solution is needed, veneers offer strength and durability. Veneers are often crafted from porcelain, and despite being very thin, the elements of the porcelain allow veneers to resist cracks and chips. This extreme resilience can last for up to 15 years with proper maintenance and care, bringing a beautiful smile and reliable function for years to come.

2. Aesthetic improvement

Tooth stains or discoloration can cause embarrassment and frustration, often leading to shyness or lower self-esteem. While teeth whitening is a solution for whiter teeth, veneers offer a more lasting improvement option. Veneers are able to cover staining and discoloration, and the porcelain used for veneers is also highly resistant to staining to ensure a brighter smile that is long-lasting.

3. Enamel protection

Tooth enamel is the hard covering that protects the surface of the teeth from germs and decay. It is possible for the enamel to erode over time, leaving the teeth at a greater risk of decay and sensitivity or pain when eating or drinking hot or cold items. Veneers are bonded onto the teeth to create an impenetrable barrier to the bacteria and acids that would cause decay. On the front areas of the teeth where enamel is missing, veneers can reduce the discomfort often caused by tooth sensitivity.

4. Tooth integrity

Chips and cracks can range from mild to serious problems. The more severe the damage, the more it threatens tooth integrity. Chips and cracks allow bacteria to enter a tooth and wreak havoc through decay. Veneers take care of the aesthetic concerns with chips and cracks, and they also remove the possibility of decay by sealing off the tooth.

5. Gap and spacing closure

Cavities that occur down in the chewing surface of the teeth are more easily filled than those that develop in the tight space between the teeth. For individuals who have wide spaces or gaps between the teeth, there is a greater risk of bacteria getting into those spaces and developing plaque or tartar buildup. It is much easier for cavities to develop when this happens. Veneers can seal the gaps between the teeth and make it easier to follow good oral hygiene practices.


Veneers have many uses in a general dentistry setting. Schedule a consultation to find out more about this solution and the impact it could have on your oral health.

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