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Whenever you go to a dental practice for regular dental checks, the dentist usually shares information about senior oral care. Knowing what to do to improve oral health during aging can improve one’s quality of life. Patients who work with their dentist now can delay the worsening of dental problems at a later age. The following pointers can help them understand more about elderly dental care.

Tooth sensitivity

Over time, gums recede. This exposes parts of the dentition that do not have enamel to protect them. To keep tooth sensitivity at bay, patients should use an anti-sensitivity toothpaste. If the issue does not improve, patients should see the dentist. The sensitivity might be a sign of a more pressing dental problem.

Dry mouth

Certain ailments and medications can contribute to dry mouth. These factors can dehydrate the mouth more as they linger in the body. Dry mouth can then aggravate dental problems. Since there is a deficiency in saliva production, the alkaline that neutralizes the plaque acids is absent. This results in the proliferation of oral bacteria and worsening of infections.

Wear and tear

Once people reach senior years, they will have experienced substantial grinding and chewing. These activities wear the enamel down. Without enough enamel, teeth will be more at risk for plaque, dental calculus, and cavities. It is a good idea to be mindful of food choices and stay away from extremely hard foods and refined carbohydrates.

Periodontal disease and root decay

Gum recession takes place during the senior years. This leads to the exposure of the dental roots. If senior patients already have periodontal disease, their dental roots become more susceptible to decay. Correcting this dental problem needs the help of a good dental practice.

Practice good daily oral care

Daily flossing and brushing can remove food particles and bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Patients should use toothpaste and mouthwash that has fluoride, which helps battle oral bacteria. Avoiding teeth grinding can preserve the enamel. Regular dental cleanings can supplement daily oral care habits.

Keep routine dental appointments

The need for dentures usually arises during senior years. Regular dental visits can ensure the health of one’s mouth while wearing dentures. At the same time, they can also ensure immediate repairs or replacement if necessary. A dental practice can help care for these dental appliances too.

Stop smoking

Smoking tobacco can impair the proper oxygenation and circulation of blood. Stopping this habit during the senior years can lower one’s risk of developing serious dental issues, including oral decay. This habit is also notorious for heavy dental staining. Seeing a dentist every three months can help remove the nicotine stains and whiten teeth.

Take in more calcium

Eating more calcium-rich foods and beverages can make teeth stronger over time. Enough calcium in the body can prevent osteoporosis. This bone condition can degrade the jawbone that supports the teeth. Once the jawbone weakens, tooth loss follows.

Your dental practice can help you gain good senior oral health

Learning more about senior oral health is crucial as you age. If you are familiar with senior dental issues, you can work with your dentist better in delaying their onset. To supplement your daily oral hygiene practices at home, you should see your dentist regularly. Aging may worsen your current dental problems. Yet, with diligence, you can have good dental health as you get older.

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